Thursday, September 3, 2009

Showing Testicular Fortitude - Tips for a first date.

Dear Madame Boodwah

I’m a single guy who recently asked a girl out from work. Before our first date I was hoping you could offer me a couple of tips on what I should do and where to go. Is it okay if I suggest a meeting point and then we can decide from there?


Dear Dunno,

Taking the initiative to plan a first date is one of the most attractive things a guy can do. A major turn off is a guy who picks you up for the date but then handballs the decision making on where you’ll be going. This is lazy, incredibly lazy and it sets a bad precedent for the rest of the relationship if it (although highly unlikely) gets to that stage.

In Tokyo many moons ago Madame Boodwah went on a few dates with a wealthy man named Ricardo. For the first date we met up for a drink - which was okay. Then the next time he asked me out he wanted to catch up for another drink. And then you guessed it on the third, hey presto he wanted to meet up for another uninspiring drink! Borrrrrringgg. For the spondooli this guy had you’d think he could have been a bit more creative.

The next night I met up with Ya Ya my Russian lady friend of the night. When I told her of my woe and asked her if I was being unreasonable she said ‘Darling, if he is boring on a date he vill be boring in the sack.’ She took a sip of her martini before going on ‘but vou know the cash could make up for that’ she said with a sly smile ‘but I vill also tell vou something else if a man like you he vill do his best to vin vou. Man who is lazy well he vil have no intention on having a relationship with vou No matter what shit comes out of his mouth,’ Ya Ya said shrugging her shoulders. Suddenly it all made sense. I didn’t understand why Ricardo kept going on about how much he wanted a relationship and how beautiful I was but his words didn’t match up to his actions. Now it was clear to me what he actually wanted and I never did go on that third date with him.

So men please take note, inspiring us is the key.

However, to impress the lady of your desire you don’t need money to be creative.

If you’ve never met her before or want to test the waters to see if she likes you a drink is okay for the first date, but make sure you do your research beforehand and decide on the bar before you call her. RSL’s and dodgy pubs are not acceptable.

On a nice summers eve as the sun is setting a picnic is a real crowd pleaser.

Find out what she likes doing for fun and take her on a date that incorporates this. You never know maybe she likes doing the same things you do. There are heaps of things you can do kayaking, surfing, going to an art exhibition, hiking, riding, sailing etc.

Seeing a concert or comedy show is also another interesting idea.

A nice dinner in a cool intimate restaurant is a good option. Again make sure you plan this before you pick her up.

Please also note that another turn-off is asking her to go halves or putting your 50 down and expecting her to pay the rest. It shows good character if she’s offering to give you money but be a gentleman and don’t accept it. If she’s practically shoving that 50 bucks into your wallet it’s because she doesn’t want to sleep with you. She just wants to be your friend.

Remember - Women like men who put in effort. Inspiration will get you places.

If you reside in Sydney a good website is which has some decent date ideas.

If you live interstate or overseas please add links as a comment to this post to share with other readers.

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