Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cry me a river in Hong Kong

Wai My Darlings!Madame Boodwah is back. Sorry for the long absence but I've been going through some lengthy legal precedings following the annulment of the marriage to the psychiatrist. Madame Boodwah came through in the end thanks to a brilliant Reality Bytes legal team and is back on board.

Due to the stress of the situation Madame Boodwah felt she deserved a vacation with her hard earned blood money and decided to start in Hong Kong. Madame Boodwah left her laptop at home so is having to write to you from an internet cafe which is probably the only one in Hong Kong as they are a rarity. So here she is writing this post in between a World of Dorkcraft enthusiast named Jimmy and a horny young Dutch backpacker named Abbo who is adamant about never going to Australia. Yes his name is Abbo and it's apparently Dutch.

Over the years Madame Boodwah has come to realize that there are some (not all) men out there who will happily use their tales of woe to lure women down a sordid avenue. This guy is one of them but was incredibly bad at it. While blatantly x-raying Madame's physicality leaving her feeling violated Abbo told Madame how one night he met this cute little Brazilian, how he went back to her place to have sex then left at 2am because he wanted to sleep in his own bed but at 7am realised he had forgotten his backpack that contained his passport and other important documents. Fearful of going back he actually went through the whole painful process of getting new ones. Then asked Madame Boodwah if she'd like to get 'smashed' with him that night. Baffled that this kid actually completed a degree in business economics, Madame Boodwah declined as she had more important matters to attend to like shopping.

Shopping in Hong Kong is a joyful experience. Not only is everything way cheaper than what you'd pay for in it Australia, the shops are also open to 11pm! Over the past couple of weeks Madame had been eyeing off a pair of Merrells in Australia for AUS$180, here they were only AUS$90. So yesterday was dedicated to a full day of shopping and today after a champagne fueled breakfast Madame will do some sight seeing but not before a pedicure. In the next couple of days she plans to visit 'Happy Valley' for a flutter on the ponies then head to Macau to hang out with her long time friend Pames Jacker.

Love to you all!
Madame Boodwah

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